Auto Calling JustDial, IndiaMart, Sulekha, 99Acres Leads

We will provide you an API which you need to hook in your lead passing system like Just Dial, IndiaMart , Sulekha , 99 Acres etc 

This API will aggregate all your leads in a single Google sheet for your tracking and monitoring purpose and will auto trigger call from your agent’s phone to the lead within 10 seconds . Thus you get a competitive advantage of connecting first to your lead.

What more? The call gets recorded and logged in Google sheet for your future reference 

You can define call disposition after the call is over within the app which gets updated in the Google sheet. You can also setup an auto reminder at a specific time incase the lead does not pick up or request for a call back later on. 

Call log will get updated in Google sheet and will have From Number, To Number, Call Duration, Call Recording Url, Call Direction, Call Status

Your agent now becomes a SMART Agent and saves his time which can be utilised in other productivity activities.

The call logs offer an insight to the Agent about the past interactions with the lead and can help him identify whether the lead will close or not so that he can focus his time accordingly 

They also give an insight to the management about the agents performance and can also be used for tracking commitments given to the customer.

Last but the most important part, since the call happens via your agents SIM Card you just need to buy an unlimited calling SIM card and talk for hours without worrying on the phone bill 

So Hurry and sign up for a demo by clicking …..  for our Limited time introductory offer of Rs 1000/- + Tax per month per Agent.!!  As simple and cost efficient as it can be .

Key Features


Call History with Call recordings logged in Google sheet

Call Disposition

Follow Up reminder 

Key Benefits

Save 90%+ call centre costs. No need for costly virtual numbers. No more per minute billing.

Improves Agent productivity

Tracking & Monitoring of Calls & Agents performance

Reports for your Analytics

Better Lead closure rate