Inditel can be integrated with any and all CRM’s available

Inditel offers best Team Calling & Call Recording Backup app which gives you call logs in real-time along with call recording link accessible any time, anywhere in Google sheets or in your CRMs.

Click to call: You can call your Customers with a single click within your CRM.

Call History: Automatically log and record your customer calls in CRM for future reference, and for tracking and monitoring purposes.

A CRM integrated with Telephony system improves your inbound and outbound calling processes.

Your agents can make calls from their CRM directly by click to call functionality.

Agents get real-time access to past call logs of the customer 

Managers can use the call history for analytics and recording for training and monitoring

Inditel offers following Computer telephony integration :

Zoho CRM CTI, 

Zoho Desk CTI, 

Salesforce CTI,

Zendesk CTI,

Freshdesk CTI,  

Pipedrive CTI

vTiger CTI or your own custom-built solution.

Why Inditel ?

Does your Agent keep shuffling between his CRM/ Customer Support Application and Calling Platforms ? 

Is there a lot of manual intervention while contacting the customers ?

With the Inditel App you don’t have to constantly toggle between your CRM and Mobile phones. Just Click on the Call Button and you are connected to the customer.

Some more features to give you a better idea of what Inditel is:

Better Integration– Integrate your CRM or Ticketing Solution for the best in market customer support and analytics solution.

Remote Accessibility- In this constantly progressing era, mobility is a must and you should be able to monitor the integrated solution from any remote location, for this you just need an internet connection and a browser.

Track and Monitor Team’s Productivity- Analyzing your team’s productivity is highly important for continuous process improvement. Inditel provides call recordings in your CRM and Google Sheets, detailed reports and analytics to help you plan your process execution better.