Just Dial Integration with CRM and Calls

Today’s world needs to take the first step properly, capturing the initial lead is the most important stepping stone for any successful business.

Just Dial does not need any introduction when it comes to being the best search platform for your business needs.

Wouldn’t you love capturing all the leads from Just Dial Automatically in a CRM / Google sheet?

With our Best Lead Aggregation offering, when you receive an enquiry on JustDial, the lead will be added in a CRM / Google sheet. 

A call can be triggered automatically from your agents phone to the customer.

Call History will be updated in your CRM.

Call History contains: From Number, To Number, Call Type,Call Date and Time , Call Recording URL.

Key Benefits :

Reach first to your lead and hence increase closure rate

Automatic call can be sent to customer

No more missing on precious Leads.

Save leads directly in a CRM/Google sheet.

Easy Lead tracking, filtering and conversion.

Reports for your Analytics.

Key Features 

Lead Aggregation 

Automatic Call to leads