Quick and easy way of Progressive Dialing:

A progressive dialer is an automated outbound calling system that connects call center agents with customers. Progressive dialing systems ensure consistent flow of work for tele-calling teams and reduced downtime in between calls.

Our Inditel App has the best suited solution for all your bulk calling and progressive dialing needs.

These benefits will not only convince you but will make you download Inditel App right away:

Are you thinking why you should use the Inditel App for Progressive Dialing?

Progressive dialers make your tele-callers (Agents)  more productive and allow them to make multiple calls one after another in one single click. 

Agents no longer have to manually dial telephone numbers,which leads to an increase in connection efficiency while optimizing your agent’s talk time.

All the customer responses recorded over a phone call are stored at one place, i.e., either your CRM or a simple to use Google Sheets.

You can run analytics on your call date to conclude Completed vs failed connection ratio , talk time per agent, hourly call traffic etc 

Just Download our Inditel App and and follow below steps:

After you set up the Inditel App, click on Enable Progressive Dialer.

Click on the check box to Enable Progressive Dialer.

You will get an option to configure Progressive Dialer feature.

Just login to your Google Account, and Make a Copy of the already existing Progressive Dialer sheet.

Now you will see two options: 

Open Dialer Sheet

Start Dialing

When you click on Open Dialer Sheet , Select the google account in which you made a copy of the sheet above (You might get other account options if they are already logged in your phone for personal reasons.)

Then a google sheet will open up.

Paste all the numbers you want to progressively dial in the Phone Numbers column.

Then come back to the app  and Click on Start Dialing.

*Prerequisites for Inditel App:

Android Mobile Phone.

Google Account.

Working Internet Connection.

And you are all set to Progressively Call your Leads/Customer.