What is Computer Telephony integration (CTI) and how it helps business?

Computer Telephony Integration enables communication between your application and telephone. Organizations using CTI can manage their customer calls on their desktops and/or laptops efficiently. 

In the customer service industry where agents deal with high volume of calls and deliver exceptional service to every customer, the demand for a solution that enables them to work with efficiency is essential. 

The most common use case for CTI is Click-to-Call. Your agents just need to click on the call button in their application and a call will be dialed to the customer automatically . 

Using CTI you can even get the customer information via a pop-up on the computer screens as soon as the customer calls you. The call log and recordings can be stored in your CRM or Application.

CTI helps companies:

Save time and hence money.

Get real time reports of Inbound and Outbound Calls.

Tracking & Monitoring reports 

Key Feature

Click to Call from your application

Incoming call popup

Click to sms  from your application

Call History within your application

SMS History  within your application