Zoho Desk CRM CTI :

Wouldn’t it be easier to directly call a Lead/Contact from your Zoho Desk tickets ? With the help of our Inditel App it is now possible .

Get the Inditel App on your Android mobile phone and start calling. Easy to integrate with Zoho Desk CRM and even easier to use.

We offer Click to call feature by which your agent can make an outbound call from the tickets itself in Zoho Desk.  

A call will be triggered directly from your Agent’s android phone using his sim card number to the Contact. Your agent now becomes a SMART Agent and saves his time which can be utilised in other productive activities.

Inditel App also updates the call recording URL against the ticket in Zoho Desk. Thus You can monitor and track Agent’s customer handling skills.

Incoming calls from existing contacts are also updated by the Inditel app  against the ticket in Zoho Desk.

Incoming calls from a new customer results in creating a new ticket in the CRM. The call log gets updated against this ticket.  

Call log contains: From Number, To Number, Call Duration, Call Recording Url, Call Direction, Call Status

The call logs offer an insight to the Agent about the past interactions with the contact.

Call logs also give an insight to the management about the agents performance and can also be used for tracking commitments given to the customer.

Key Features:

You don’t need to buy any expensive virtual number, just buy a sim card with unlimited calling feature.

Talk to your leads for as long as you want. No more per minute billing.

Reduce your calling cost by a significant amount.

Keep a record of all the conversations with the Lead/Contact by reviewing the Call History present in your tickets itself.

Listen to Lead/Contact requirement.

Key Benefits :

Save 90%+ call centre costs. No need for costly virtual numbers. No more per minute billing.

Improves Agent productivity

Tracking & Monitoring of Calls & Agents performance

Reports for your Analytics

Better Lead closure rate